How to Clean Oven Racks

How to Clean Oven Racks

If you own an oven, then you must be tasked with cleaning the racks regularly. Cleaning the oven racks is an important yet gruelling task. The residue of liquid or food on the oven racks sometimes sticks and are harder to clean. However, there are easy hacks for how to clean oven racks.

There are a few cheap and easy hacks to clean oven racks. The first hack is using chemicals to clean the shelves. You can also clean oven racks without using chemicals. What is the difference between those ways, and which one is better? You may find the answers below.

Cleaning Oven Racks with Chemicals

Cleaning oven racks can be the most challenging cleaning task in the kitchen. The sticky residue of your sugary baked goods may leave the oven racks dirty and difficult to clean. 

Thankfully some chemicals can help to clean these oven racks fast and quickly. In this hack, you can use easy-to-find ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, and dish soaps that are already in your home.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

In this hack, you have to prepare both baking soda and vinegar to clean your oven racks. You also need to use your bathtub and warm water to soak the oven racks with. 

  1. Place the oven racks in the bathtub. 
  2. Afterwards, add baking soda and let them cover the oven racks. 
  3. After baking soda, pour vinegar upon the oven racks. Then, it will cause foaming. 
  4. Once the foaming stops, fill the tub with warm water and let the racks doused overnight. 
  5. In the morning, it should be easy to scrub the residue and get your oven racks cleaned up.

Using Dishwashing Soap

The next hack on how to clean oven racks is to use dishwashing soap. This trick also needs to use a bathtub. 

  1. Firstly, lay towels or a few sponges on the bathtub. 
  2. Next, place the oven racks on top of them. 
  3. Fill the tub with warm water and sprinkle dishwashing soap powders to let sit overnight.
  4. In the morning, the residue of dirt should be able to be rub with the towels without scrubbing. 
  5. If there is any dirt under challenging corners, scrub them clean using a toothbrush. 
  6. Afterwards, rinse and dry your racks before putting them back in the oven.

Using Coke or Coca Cola

Coke or coca-cola can also help to remove residue from oven racks. You can use any brand of coke beverage to apply in these hacks. Any coke beverage can be used to clean your kitchen appliance. You only need to follow a few easy steps below.

  1. Remove the racks from the oven and put them in a bathtub. If you want to clean them without a bathtub, put them in a large container.
  2. Soak them with coca-cola and leave them for about 15 minutes to rest.
  3. Gently scrub it clean and rinse it off with water. 
  4. Dry the racks and put them back in the oven.

Using Ammonia and Trash Bags

It is another hack to clean your oven racks without a bathtub. All you need is big trash or plastic bags and about 400 grams of ammonia. 

  1. The first thing to do is to lay the oven racks on the plastic bag and then add the ammonia. 
  2. Seal the bag tightly and then let it sit overnight.

You should be careful when opening the bags in the morning, as the fume is dangerous for your respiratory system. 

  1. Ensure you open the bag where the fumes can be let out and do not inhale them. 
  2. Afterwards, rinse the oven racks thoroughly and dry them before putting it back on the oven.
Cleaning Oven Racks Naturally

There is also another option using commercial cleaners. However, the same as using ammonia, commercial oven cleaners produce toxic fumes that can be dangerous if inhaled by humans. That is the reason why ammonia and commercial cleaners should be used with extra caution.

  1. If you do use ammonia and commercial cleaners, you should only use them outside of the house. 
  2. Ensure that you use safety equipment such as gloves and goggles before you come in contact with these chemicals and their fumes.

Cleaning Oven Racks Naturally

Other than using the ingredients above, it is also possible to clean your oven racks without chemicals. The most known hack on how to clean oven racks naturally is using dryer sheets and soaking them in the bathtub.

Using Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are known to be able to separate food residue from your oven racks. This is all because of the antistatic content of the dryer sheet. 

  1. The first set of businesses is to set these dryer sheets on the bathtub and put the oven racks on top of them. 
  2. You must let them soak with warm water for the whole night. 
  3. In the morning, the leftover food should be able to be removed easily using sponge or towels. 
  4. Rinse the oven racks and let them dry before putting it back into the oven.
Cheap and Easy Hacks to Clean Oven Racks

Cleaning Oven Racks in the Bathtub

Almost all of the hacks on how to clean oven racks need a bathtub as a medium to soak the racks in. It is possible to let the oven racks soak in the bathtub using only hot water and laundry detergent or dishwashing soap for a whole night.

  1. Place the oven racks on the bathtub and fill it with hot water.
  2. Add detergent or dishwashing soap.
  3. Let them sit overnight.
  4. In the morning, you still need to scrub the racks using towels or sponges to get rid of the food residue that is still difficult to wipe right away. 
  5. To make it easier, add salt to the part where it is hard to be cleaned and use a toothbrush to get the grimes off your oven racks.

All in all, the few hacks on cleaning oven racks can be applied in every household. Various chemicals, All in all, the few hacks on cleaning oven racks can be applied in every household. Various chemicals such as dishwashing soap, baking soda, vinegar, and even coca-cola can be easy to get in any household store.

However, you should be extra cautious when using dangerous chemicals such as ammonia. It is better to use non-chemicals tricks such as dryer sheets to clean your oven racks with. If you are applying the hacks correctly, non-chemicals tricks can be used to clean your oven racks naturally.

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