How to Clean Electric Stove

How to Clean Electric Stove

Refurnishing your kitchen with modern stuff is one thing you may need to do after moving out to a new house. Even if it is a fully furnished kitchen, it does not mean what you had is the most updated one and represents your need, such as a dishwasher or electric stove. With the newest electric stove, your daily cooking can be easier, but you must know how to clean an electric stove correctly first to avoid any damage that may occur.

Using an electric stove is much more convenient than using a regular gas stove as it is relatively easy to clean, and it works using only electricity. Electric stove usually comes with a unit that includes an oven underneath the stove that you need to maintain as well.

Things That You Need to Prepare

  • Sponge, Soft Cloth and Paper Towel

Cleaning the top of your electric stove is not that hard. However, there are still a few appliances you need to prepare. First, you need a sponge, soft cloth, and paper towel. Remember to avoid using sharp materials to clean the stoves as it can cause scratches to the surface.

  • Metal Razor Blade Scrapper

Second, you need a brand new scraper on your hand. This scrapper will help you to get rid of dried food residue on the cooktop of your electric stove. Use a brand new scrapper every time you clean your electric stove and do not use the ones that are already damaged.

  • Liquid Cleaner

The last and main kit to clean electric stove is the liquid cleaner designed for electric stove such as the top range cleaner. There are many brands to choose from but for the first timer, usually the electric stove you brought will come with a bottle of cleaner recommended to clean their product with.

When this bottle of cleaner expires or runs out, it is recommended to replace them with the same brand of cleaner as your electric stove has come with. When all the appliances have been gathered, you can start following bellow steps to start cleaning your electric stove.

Do’s and Dont’s

How to Clean Electric Stove - Dos and Donts
  • Do Not Clean While The Surface is Still Hot

First step on how to clean electric stove is to let them cool first before you start to clean them. You should never start cleaning the electric stove when it is just turned off. Other thing, although it is optional, put on some rubber gloves to protect your hands while cleaning.

  • Do Scrape The Leftover Crust

Afterwards, do scrape some leftover crust or dried food from cooking. Make sure to use a new one. Hold it in 30 degrees while cleaning gently.

  • Do Not Use Old Scraper

If you want your stove to lasts longer, avoid the use of an old scraper. It will only scratch the surface and damage your electric stove cooktop. Get a new one as well to clean the surface of the stove.

  • Do Rub The Surface with Towel

When the scraping is done, it is time to use a liquid cleaner. Pour it directly into the surface of your electronic stove. Afterward, rub them using a sponge, paper towel, or a soft cloth.

  • Do Clean The Residue with Paper Towel

The next step is clean the residue of the cleaner and rub them off clean with paper towel so it appears as shiny as new.

When you need to clean the cooktop immediately after cooking, remember to use an appliance such as oven mitts to protect your hands from the heat. Once protected, grab a razor blade scrapper and remove the stains gently from the surface of your electric stove and rub them clean after it cools down.

Do not let certain spills, such as melted plastic or liquid with high sugar content, sit too long on the surface on your electric stove. Do clean them immediately to avoid permanent damage.

Clean Electric Stove Burners

Despite the surface, cleaning your electric stove burners is also easy. Just follow the basic steps to ensure the burners are cleaned thoroughly. First, remove the burners from electric stove coils after it cools down. Afterward, use water and soap to clean them from any leftover and dried food.

If there is any food residue that will not come off with soap water, you can use a mix of baking soda and water. Place the mix on the spot you will clean and leave it for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, it shall come off easily by scrubbing and rinsing them. 

Clean Electric Stove Drip Pans

Clean Electric Stove Drip Pans

Aside from the surface of the cooktop and burners of your electric stove, it is also important to clean the drip pans. It is not difficult to clean the drip pans of the electric stove naturally. Just need to prepare soap and baking soda that is mixed with a balanced ratio to create a foamy texture beforehand.

Then, you shall remove the drip pans and soak them with high pressure water to let the residue come off. Afterwards, apply the baking soda and soap mixture into the drip pans generously. You shall ensure to gently scrub the mixture in all the spots that need cleaning.

The next step is to set the drip pans to sit for about an hour or more. After allowing them some time to work, clean the drip pans off the mixture thoroughly. All the hard-to-clean residue shall come off after being washed with water. And finally, your drip pans can be used again after it completely dries out.

Best Way to Clean Electric Stove

The best way to clean the electric stove is by using the bottled cleaner that comes with the electric stove. It is important to keep the same brand after it all used up. It is also the best way to use soft cloth or sponge to rub all the food residue from the top of the surface.

Electric stove users also shall not forget to clean the drip pans of the stove. It can be cleaned using a mixture of baking soda and dish soap. Afterward, put them back in and do not forget to wipe the surface clean with vinegar.

There is no certain duration of time when you need to clean your kitchen kinds of stuff. However, it is important to clean the surface of your electric stoves at least once a month. Remember also you need to use pots and pans that have smooth bottoms to prevent scratches on the surface of the cooktop.

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