Cleaning Suede Shoes

Cleaning Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are a statement piece. And below, we provide a few easy DIY steps for cleaning suede shoes and how to keep it looking new. Most stains and dirt can be removed from this fabric if the correct technique is used. Cleaning brushes are the best tool you can use for suede. The ideal brushes are ones specifically designed for that task. Although you can also use nail brushes, an unused toothbrush, or most soft-bristled brushes.

Cleaning Faux Suede Shoes

Faux suede is comprised of tiny, interwoven plastic fibers that make the material both longer-lasting and overall more durable, compared to natural leather. Polyester is also less prone to water stains. Not all faux fabric is designed the same. So it is best to check the manufacturer note on the tag for recommendations. Including specific water temperatures or cleaning solutions that should be avoided.

Removing Mud Stains

Whenever possible, cover the area in a thin layer of cornstarch to soak up the moisture. Allow it to dry and brush off the cornstarch and other particles starting at the midsole and moving upward in smooth, short back and forth motions.

Spot Cleaning

You can eliminate spots by using a brush to remove any surface debris and straighten the fabric fibers. After that, you can rub over the area using an unmarked suede stain eraser. They look and work similarly as your typical paper eraser. But if they are not clean when used, then they could potentially spread the spot once the stain is eradicated.

Overall Cleaning Method

Brush it off to remove any debris and then dampen a cotton cloth with cold water. Add a dab of suede cleaner to the rag and wipe down the whole surface to get rid of any stains or dirt before getting a new dampened cloth to wipe away the cleanser. When it has thoroughly dried, lightly brush the entire shoe starting from the bottom to give it a smooth look.

How to Clean Suede Leather Shoes

Leather suede is more likely to get water stains, and it is also easier to damage than the faux suede, which makes it essential to clean it gently in order to ensure that the material does not become scuffed. Preventative measures are also necessary to give the leather a prolonged lifespan.

Removing Water Spots

To remove a water spot, wet a space around it with either a damp rag or damp brush while being very careful not to soak the area. Fill the footwear with newspapers or some other paper to maintain the shape and stop any moisture from seeping into the sole. Let it air dry.

Removing Salt and Other Stains

Salt stains are very easy to pick up with leather, especially during the winter. To get them out, use white vinegar to wet a cloth and gently dab at the stain until it is gone. Let it air dry, and then once it is dry, use a brush to eliminate any remaining particles.

Everyday Maintenance for Leather Suede

Brush down the entire shoe. Do spot cleaning suede shoes as necessary by gently working at any superficial spots using baby wipes. And then go over the whole thing using a dry rag. Take out the laces to be machine washed as necessary to keep their colors from being worn.

Best Care for Longer Lasting Shoes

The most significant preventative measure you can employ against dirt and debris damage is to use a suede protective spray on your footwear before you start wearing them. There are many different brands to choose from, but it is ideal to choose one approved by the manufacturer whenever possible. Before applying the spray, you will want to use a brush to make sure all the fibers are facing the same direction to provide cover for every section equally.

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Now that you know the best ways to keep your shoes looking great, you will be able to wear your black/red/grey suede footwear without having to worry about accidentally blemishing the color or damaging the material. These steps will give your shoe a longer lifespan as well as proactively safeguarding natural leather against wear and tear.

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